Animals in distress

Publié par Calamelle

This blog is designed to provide distant healing for animals. If you are a magnetizer, or if you practice reiki, quantum healing or alternative therapies, it has been shown that the efficiency of a common intent is amplified dramatically when expressed simultaneously by several people.
Even if you are not a therapist, a simple prayer or just expressing positive thoughts is enough to get a positive healing effect… Everything that originates from the heart is connected to the infinite universe.
Considering the Time difference between the countries, it is difficult to align with the schedule care on Paris Time. 
But even a remote care doing later is welcome because it strengthens its efficiency.
If you have a pet or an animal for whom you would like to request distant healing, please provide the pet's name, the picture, the age and the condition for which the distant healing is requested  to the following email address :
If you would like to send distant healing, please go back to the main page.